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Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

1. science

SCIENCE! I've loved science since I was a child. I was playing with my own microscope when most little girls are playing with Barbie. My college degree is in Biology, and my brain tends to cram itself full of random science facts. Its potential, its power, and its scope are incredible. It gives us wings to reach the stars, gives us hands to reach the atom, gives us the Interwebs in all their glory. It also gave us the atomic bomb and biochemical warfare. Science gives us serious ethical questions to ponder, but it's wrong to blame science itself--the tool is neither good nor evil, it's the hand of the wielder that decides. For me, the question is never "What hath science wrought?!" It's "What hath man wrought?!"

2. BJDs

Under normal circumstances, I am a somewhat practical soul.

BJDs are not normal circumstances.

I got into BJDs thanks to my roommate and went from "Meh, they all look kinda girly to me" to owning three and wishing for several more. They are the world's biggest, awesomest, most customizable action figures, and I somehow can't bring myself to regret a single penny of the far-too-many dollars I have spent on this hobby. I'm going to a doll meet this Sunday, actually. XD

3. tabletop gaming

Tabletop gaming is actually what most of my social schedule revolves around. A guy wanting to start his own Vampire: the Masquerade chronicle and deciding the anime club was a ready-made group of geeks was the thing that originally brought my group of IRL friends together. In the seven years since, it's been the glue that holds us together--gaming meant even after we graduated from college, we all saw each other at least once a week. It meant we had an outlet, a world we all shared that existed only in our heads. I originally started writing creatively when I started writing stories about tabletop gaming characters (yes, we're big enough dorks that we write fanfiction about our tabletop games). I'm currently in two games that run weekly (Castles & Crusades, d20 Modern), two that run on an irregular basis as all the GMs' schedules allow (mixed White Wolf, Scion), one that I'm sort of a fill-in character in (classic Dungeons & Dragons), and one that I kind of wish would get started again (Rifts I'M LOOKING AT YOU BRIAN). I have separate dice for each and every one of my characters. >>;

4. freckles

I like frecklefaces. My large boy doll, Lassa, is one of the few I've seen with a full-on case of freckles. Also, I have freckles on my chest in the shape of the constellation Cassopeia. >>;

5. one piece


One Piece has been my great, enduring fandom love, the thing I've written the most fanfiction for and the thing that has been consistently awesome when the rest of my life sucked. It's also introduced me to a lot of great people. :D Crazy pirates, weird special powers, and freedom and nakama triumphing over all opposition--these are the dreams of men given shonen comic form.

I'm sadly somewhat far behind on OP--both in terms or reading and actually downloading the chapters. >>; I'll catch up sometime soon, I swear!
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