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Day 6:

Tiff and I spent the evening with [ profile] mettathron and [ profile] jacks_shadow. We all went out to dinner, then headed over to [ profile] mettathron's sweet new apartment. I spent the rest of the evening playing with [ profile] mettathron's kitty Ebony and talking gaming crap. [ profile] jacks_shadow, being a manly man, built a bookshelf. He is also now a lawyer-man--he got sworn in yesterday, woohoo! I'm really happy for him. Also, he can defend me if I ever kill someone. :D
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Day 5:

Yet more roleplaying squee. My normal Wednesday d20 Modern game was last night and it was A++++ awesome as per usual. Best news of the night: We got our skeevy bastard back (for as long as his player's work schedule allows anyway)! Life has been less treacherous and dishonest without John around. Between Oliver and Sarah, we were in serious danger of making progress on the straight and narrow path to Lawful Good, and that would never do. Also, Oliver did an entertaining ballet-lift-glomp thing when he saw John because he was so happy and 18 STR + glee = people high up in the air. And then we beat the world's nerdiest chronomancer and made some progress on our main quest, so it was a productive evening. Unfortunately, we left off on a cliffhanger (well, post-cliffhanger, since we already fell off the cliff) and there's no game next week. ;_;

Also, I got a cookie. >:3
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Day 4:

I finally got to play Left 4 Dead. Zombies asplodo EVERYWHERE! :DDD

Also, I found out I'm being furloughed, but that the plan they worked out means the pay hit won't be as bad as I feared.

Today calls for a Getter 1 icon. :B
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Day 3:

It was warm today. Maryland appears to be in a tiny pocket of good weather. Most of the country's in a cold snap, Maryland's all "It's 65 degrees today! :B" The Northeast get buried under a few inches of ice, Maryland's all "Rain lolz. XD"

Also? I filled up my car for THIRTEEN MOTHERFUCKING DOLLARS FUCK YEAH FIT IS FUCKING GO. And Dollmore finally got around to fixing their double-billing issue--with luck, they'll ship my shit soon. :D
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Day 2:

Today I went to a doll meet down in Baltimore. The local Baltimore meetup group is really sweet and friendly, so I usually try to make their meets if I can. :D The meet was on the upper floor of this little coffeehouse, and I had an A+++++ sammich there. Also, I got to see a really cool jointing design for knees--I love that sort of crap. I was too damn lazy to take pictures, but other than that I had a really good time. XD

Also, I found an awesome Dirk Anger icon that I'm using just because I can. :D Tidied up some of my older userpics too, and was pleased to see my glitch-swapped ones have returned.
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Tagged by [ profile] genuinelie!

Happiness Meme: For 8 consecutive days, post about something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same!

I tag whoever the hell wants to do it. I'm not going to obligate you guys to do this, though I'd love to hear about your random happy moments.

Day 1: Roleplaying squee! Sorry, non-RPGers.

Finally got to play in the Innocents game that we've been plotting for months. Innocents, as a game, is what happens when White Wolf decides that what the World of Darkness really needs is a game about elementary schoolers meeting Horrible Things. My character (Gertrude, better known as TR) is six years old, tow-headed, adorable, and fearless to the point of it being a character flaw. She runs around with her two older siblings (twins Jamie and Boom-Boom, eleven, usually wind up breaking things) and her older siblings' friends Amanda (eleven, practical, currently reading The Malleus Maleficarum) and Matilda (nine, bookworm, prone to fits of hyperventilation when frightened). We are occasionally joined by an NPC, Katie, who is Amanda's best friend and sometimes gets visions of "cool stuff," i.e. Horrible Things.

Tonight, we encountered a possible witch, a horde of hideous soul-eating cats, and a "vampire." Said "vampire" was [ profile] mettathron's character from another game in the same universe--not actually a vampire, just albino and as such rather crispy when exposed to sunlight. Poor Yue got a faceful of garlic powder and was pelted by garlic cloves by a bunch of kids while all he was trying to do was eat his lunch in peace. It was loltactular, especially considering that [ profile] mettathron was also playing one of the kids flinging garlic at him.

Also, my character got delicious pie and therefore counts the entire night as a success.


Dec. 5th, 2008 10:08 am
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Hoooookay. That was creepy and uncomfortable, but I promised I'd do it so I shall. ._.

I know I've got a pagan or two kicking around on Ye Olde Flist. I just got asked by a coworker whose wife died last month to research the numbers "11/11"--her date of death, which she'd apparently been seeing (clocks, checks at work, grocery totals, etc.) pretty much every day for a couple of years before her death. I'm assuming I got asked because he thinks I have seekrit occult knowledges and/or I'm the only non-Judeo-Christian-religion-affiliated person in the office.

My immediate (internal) answer was "Oh man, Zoro's birthday!" My cynical, scientific answer is "confirmation bias and coincidence," but I'd feel like a bit of a hoser saying that to a guy who just spent four months watching his wife die of cancer. >>; So I promised him I'd ask around.

Folks, any numerological significance to 11/11?


Dec. 2nd, 2008 10:04 am
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THIS IS YOUR LIFE...if your life largely consists of German industrial bands. )
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As I've been squeaking about on Twitter, I got a new computer Friday. As much as I loved my old laptop, it had gotten to the point where it was having a hard time handling the interwebs due to all the goddamn Flash. The new one's a desktop, and it's pretty sweet (going from a Celeron processor and 512K of memory to a triple-core processor with 4GB of memory was roughly equivalent to going from a paper airplane to an F-14). Transferring files from Mokona (my laptop) to Enkidu (my desktop) was a pain, though, mostly because Enkidu decided that Mokona didn't exist about halfway through the transfer. I blame Vista--it probably realized I was doing something useful and network-related that it could conceivably use to "encourage" me to buy Vista Pro. But two days and a 4GB thumb drive later, I finally have all my music, all my pictures, all my manga, all my doujinshi, and all my fanfic and just managed to beat Firefox into transferring my bookmarks and preferences. :D

I am, however, missing all my OP manga past Ch. 520, though, because OPHQ seems to have let their domain registration lapse and I usually get my OP scans from them. Hook a sister up with some downloads? I know I can read them online at, but I do like actually having the files.

Also, just finished watching Gurren Lagaan. I must admit I wibbled during Episode 26 and had to bite my lip to keep from crying.
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I'm bored at work and have gotten nothing but unpleasant calls from unpleasant people (and one kid who wanted me to do his homework for him). Make my day more sparkly than a faux vampire! Tell me something funny or awesome that happened to you recently or something you're glad about.
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Wow, Dell, that's a really good online deal on a new computer. Pity I read the fine print and realized it ends at 4:59am ET on the day I get paid. If you're trying to induce people to buy your shit so you wind up in the black after Christmas, making asterisk-studded offers that end at ridiculous times isn't the way to do it. I'm just going to hold onto my cash for a few more weeks, at which point you'll be selling desktops for $200 out of desperation anyway. :D


Nov. 19th, 2008 09:45 am
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My IRL friends will likely not be surprised by this in the slightest.

Carroll County in general and Westminster in particular held up as shining examples of racism in the modern era.

Every now and then, Western Maryland likes to remind the rest of the state that it's sorry Lincoln kept us from seceding with our southern bretheren. OH WAIT, they already did that by reelecting Roscoe "The Militant Homosexuals Are Out To Get Me" Bartlett yet again. ._.
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LJ goes down in five minutes. See you guys on the flip side in (hopefully) four hours. Until then, Twitter is my bestest friend.

ETA: I'll be damned, LJ. You got soemthing done on time for once.
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[ profile] mel_the_second and I went to the Baltimore Anti-8 Protest on Saturday. We met [ profile] genuinelie and [ profile] skyrat13 there. There was a surprisingly good turnout, and it was unnaturally warm for November (~70 degrees F). The warm part was good, because we got rained the fuck out.

Pictures under cut. )
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I'd be Billy from The Giraffe, the Pelly, and Me. I'd fight crime, have exciting animal friends, and eventually get my own candy store with weird imaginary stuff in it. It'd be epic.
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There's an anti-Prop 8 protest in Baltimore on Saturday the 15th at 1:30pm in front of the City Hall. Any other Marylanders going?

Also: I am miffed that I cannot add the Unseen University to my schools list merely because it's not located on planet Earth. If I'm stuck with that vast gaping expanse of empty whiteness in the fugariffic new profile, I'd like to at least attempt to break it up with some pointless info.

Also also: LittleBigPlanet? Rocks. I've rarely had so much fun with a game, and I got to yet again admire the impressive bullshittery that is [ profile] gamer_of_chaos operating two controllers at the same time to get a pair of sackboys into position for a four-player-only portion of the game when we only had three people available.

Also also also: Gaia's MMO is just good enough to be addictive while being just glitchy and crappy enough to be horrifically frustrating. I remain impressed that the design team thought that a memory leak that could cause the game to consume over a gig of memory all by itself was a "minor issue." They also really, really shouldn't have released the math they use to calculate drops with multiple people attacking the same enemies. They were trying to get people to stop screaming about kill-stealing and wound up getting people screaming about messing with their drop percentages instead. In the *eyeroll* category, two weeks after initial release and the people who got first crack at it are already being nasty to the newbies and coming up with creative ways to use game items for unofficial PvP. >_>

Also also also also: I meant to celebrate Zoro's birthday by getting caught up on the OP manga yesterday, but I failed at it. ;_; Sorry, Zoro.


Nov. 6th, 2008 02:29 pm
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I felt this was worth sharing for folks not on the Equality CA mailing list.


Activist and writer Anne Lamott writes, “Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don't give up.”

We stand together, knowing… our dawn will come.


Nov. 5th, 2008 03:59 pm
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Proposition 8 passed.

I've donated to Equality CA and HRC, I've been both a buyer and a seller in a fandom charity auction to raise money to fight the measure, and I've been watching the results for it all day between bouts of trying to get my piece-of-shit label printer at work to function.

I started to get angry when I realized that the early exit polls showed the measure failing by about the same percentage as it passed by, meaning that some folks lied to the nice pollsters. You were ashamed enough to lie about how you voted, because you knew it was wrong, but not ashamed enough to vote differently.

But I didn't get choked up until I read the MSNBC article about Prop 8 passing and read what Frank Schubert, the co-head of Yes On 8, said after the declaration. He was so smug, so immensely pleased with himself and his bigotry that I wanted to vomit. This is the same guy that sent out extortion letters to companies that donated to oppose the ban, the same guy who orchestrated horrible lying TV and radio ads that turned a population fairly strongly against Prop 8 to one just barely for it. And he was sitting there talking like he had the moral high ground because he thought that some of his fellow human beings should have less rights than others, babbling vapidly about the sanctity of marriage.

Apparently, gay marriage totally destroys the sanctity of Britney Spears' 55-hour Las Vegas marriage.

And it completely annihilates the sacredness of marriages of convenience or for money.

And let us not forget how those horrible gays are devaluing the natural glory that is the green card marriage.

After all, decades of monogamous committment, which I had mistakenly thought were the basis of a marriage prior to this, don't matter if there are faggots or dykes involved.

I hope the ban's not retroactive. I hope those 18,000 married gay couples in California stay there, still married, creating legal tangles and making the bigots weep. I hope they file lawsuits and haul this shit right up to the Supreme Court and dare the Justices to say that "equal under the law" doesn't apply to them. I hope we get the Roe v. Wade of gay marriage out of this bullshit. And if we do, I propose we all send Frank and all the Yes on 8 managers thank you cards. After all, we couldn't have done it without them.


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:56 pm
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That said, I got to see the John McCain I liked in his concession speech tonight. Missed you, John. Glad that you finally got that neocon brain-control chip out of your head.

Also, still nail-biting over Prop 8 in California.

ETA, stolen from several people because it's awesome:

Also Re: Prop 8: Nails gone, moving on to fingers. Apparently all you fuckers who mailed in your votes are getting counted last.
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Title: Fouetté
Series: One Piece
One Piece: Not mine.
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: 1,195.
Summary: [ profile] scribe_protra bought 1000 words of my writings for the Live Long 'n' Marry charity auction. She requested Crocodile/Bon Clay with a prompt of "sneakiness." There is sneakery and lechery afoot, but largely there is topping from the bottom, in a weird, backhanded way.
Notes: Slightly late, but I hope the extra words make up for it. My beta has been et alive by NaNoWriMo, so if you spot typos, please for to be pointing them out.

In which Bon Clay wins mostly by refusing to play the game. )


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