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You guys did it! And now you get to see me looking like a doof!

In which chibi_trillian is, apparently, looking for a challenge. )

ILU all.

May. 3rd, 2008 02:11 pm
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The masses have spoken, and it looks like my hair will be acquiring purple streaks of sweet, sweet gratitude. If you wanted something different, vote before 3:00pm EST today or forever hold your peace.

ETA: And blue makes a last minute rally for the win. Blue streaks it is.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated. ♥ Will did post a (rather surprised) thank you, and I know he emailed personal thanks to most people if he could find their email addresses. And from me...thanks. You guys managed to do something in one day that hasn't happened in three months of therapy--restore my faith that the world is a good place and worth living in. ;_;
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[Poll #1181010]

As a note, my hair is short and currently in its natural state--dark brown. Anything goes, but I do make a terrible blonde.
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Hey guys. Srs bsns for a few seconds here.

I hate doing this, because I've seen fandom burned by "charities" before and begz0ring is kind of lame anyway, but I've got a favor to ask of you all.

My good buddy [ profile] blodhemn, as some of you may recall, spent three weeks of quality time in the hospital last month. He's been diagnosed with, to quote his oncologist, "an exceptionally aggressive form of Hodgkin's lymphoma." The good news is that it was caught relatively early and he's responding remarkably well to chemotherapy.

The bad news is that he's uninsured and, thanks to his immune system tanking, narcotics impairing his ability to drive, and nerve damage in his left shoulder from a surgical biopsy, currently out of a job. He's a prudent guy and had a couple grand in savings, but between bills and prescriptions that's pretty much gone. He's applying for temporary disability, but as anyone who's done it knows, that takes time.

His medical bills are way too big for anybody who's not independently wealthy to make a dent in ($30K and counting, last time he opened his mail), but if people have ten bucks to spare so a very sick complete stranger can afford groceries, it'd be appreciated. His PayPal's bio_virus (at) hotmail (dot) com. If you wanted to send him a buck or two or even just a get-well card via snail-mail, poke me and I'll give you his address.

Hell, I'll even do the retarded publicity stunt thing and dye my hair whatever color you guys want if you sling him $100. Shouldn't be hard--ten people donate ten bucks and I'll embarrass myself publically.



Reposted because I continue to abjectly fail at LJ.
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For those who don't know him in person but were mildly curious, [ profile] blodhemn is home from the hospital and doing about as well as can be expected for a guy on chemo. Now that he's not in immediate OMG!danger of keeling over, the hospital's all like "LOL, Uninsured Dude, here's 1,000,000,000 forms to fill out to see if you qualify for financial aid." That part never shows up on House, WTF. O_<

Fortunately for you lot, this means I'm spending more time at home now so I'm caught up on OP and there's the off possibility of fiction. I'm still mildly disappointed that Oda didn't give me the mighty return of Don Kreig and Dandy Gin, but a Duval is fine too.

Also, the windshield of my shiny new car got totally pwned by a rock. WTF, world, why did you have to hit my new car? ;_;

ETA: The moment you realize that you really, REALLY need to speak to your family more often is the one where you discover your younger sister is writing multichapter Zoro/Tashigi fanfic on LJ and, and you didn't know she even had an LJ. O_o
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ATTN PPLS: My internets-distraction and lack of ficcage is likely to continue for the immediate future, as [ profile] blodhemn critfailed his save vs. cancer. Oi. >_O

ETA since I just realized how that could be read: He's not dead; he's just got a lot of horrible medicine-y type things waiting for him, starting today. More good vibes would be super-appreciated.


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