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My Dragon*Con experience. )

*is ded*

Sep. 2nd, 2008 12:58 am
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I'm home from Dragon*Con.

More detailed postings tomorrow.
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I'm officially on vacation THANK GOD. I've had a rough few days at work and the thought of not having to be back there for seven days is wonderful. My headache is FINALLY gone and I woke up without feeling like I was going to puke for the first time in a week. O_o;

I fly out on Thursday night for four days of PURE AWESOME at Dragon*Con. I will NOT be taking my laptop with me. If you need to get a hold of me, I am eternally AIMable thanks to my phone. If you just want to know what I'm up to, follow my Twitter. :B

In doll news, I got to see a Soom Sard in person last night. HOLY HELL. Big stompy hooves and a two-foot wingspan. He's about the same size, height-wise, as my Hound Lassa.

In OP news, ZOROOOOOO. ;_; Gah. I hope OPHQ comes out with 512 before I leave because the suspense is mindboggling. I don't want to speculate about Rayleigh or Sentoumaru or Borsalino or anything until I read it. I will say that I'm disappointed that the Light Logia fruit is actually useful and controllable, since I totally wanted to feed it to Mary Sues and have them end up a few million miles out in space the first time they took full Logia form.
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To give the above statement some context, we got new next door neighbors who coincidentally are friends of ours. There were supposed to move into an apartment in the next building over, but in a strange, almost anime-like twist of fate, the people who were supposed to be moving out of that apartment decided not to, and the next available vacant apartment was the one right next to ours. They kept it a surprise solely so they could scare the crap out of us by showing up on our balcony and doing a little dance. XD We're seriously getting an odd Maison Ikkoku thing going on here.

We helped them move some stuff, so I finally answered a burning question I've had since I bought my car: Will a loveseat fit in a Fit? The answer, as Honda will cheerfully tell you, is "Fit is GO!" God help me, I fangirl my car.

A week and a half to Dragon*Con. I'M SO STOKED. Anybody from ye olde flist going to be there?
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Accomplishments for the week:
~Raise get.
~Haircut get.
~Survived first week of my boss' vacation.
~Finally got my newest BJD hair and a shirt, yeay.
~Watched Six-String Samurai, was suitably weirded out.
~Read OP Ch. 507, was suitably delighted. (Rayleigh: "Hi, I'm Exposition Man. Would you like some exposition?")
~Fell in love with a new band (Code 64: Come for the Metroid samples, stay for the trippy sci-fi lyrics and retro-synth sound).
~Bought pass and plane tickets for Dragon-Con, thanks to the immense kindness of [ profile] proletariat_x and [ profile] mettathron.
~Gave up on getting comp admission to Otakon, admitted that I'll have to buy a Saturday door pass.
~Discovered that, through the magic of teamwork and excessive buffing, it's possible for my Wednesday gaming group to boost our strongest fighter up to a +42 attack bonus.
~Discovered that, through the magic of bullshittery, it's possible for my Sunday gaming group to successfully outwit a blood demon by dressing one of our party up as the Pope.


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