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Trust the Japanese to build a robotic exoskeleton that's not only useful but also looks REALLY DAMN COOL.

Seriously, it looks like something out of an anime and responds to nerve signals instead of actual muscle movement. AND it increases your strength by a factor of ten. That is EPIC.


Jan. 7th, 2009 04:41 pm
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....according to a survey of unusual pet names by a veterinary insurance company, someone out there somewhere has named their cat Optimus Prrrrime.

I want to find this person and marry them.
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To give the above statement some context, we got new next door neighbors who coincidentally are friends of ours. There were supposed to move into an apartment in the next building over, but in a strange, almost anime-like twist of fate, the people who were supposed to be moving out of that apartment decided not to, and the next available vacant apartment was the one right next to ours. They kept it a surprise solely so they could scare the crap out of us by showing up on our balcony and doing a little dance. XD We're seriously getting an odd Maison Ikkoku thing going on here.

We helped them move some stuff, so I finally answered a burning question I've had since I bought my car: Will a loveseat fit in a Fit? The answer, as Honda will cheerfully tell you, is "Fit is GO!" God help me, I fangirl my car.

A week and a half to Dragon*Con. I'M SO STOKED. Anybody from ye olde flist going to be there?
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I haven't done a four-hour autograph line camping trip at Otakon since Yasuhiro Nightow in 2003, but for Kappei Yamaguchi I will show up the goddamn night before with a sleeping bag and my Usopp plushie.

In infinitely less exciting news, Arthur, Justin, and I did apply to do our fanfic panel at Otakon yet again. Here's hoping we get approved--the only thing better than Kappei Yamaguchi is Kappei Yamaguchi for free.


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