Aug. 1st, 2008 11:33 am
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Apparently, Otakon's been running commercials on Cartoon Network, or at least on Cartoon Network in my area. Apparently, at least one of them deals with panels as one of many awesome features of Otakon. One of my friends saw it the other night, and lo and behold, guess what it had?

A very brief clip from our fanfiction panel last year. The same one they refused to approve this year.


Admittedly, I know they probably used footage from our panel because we're kind of the Multicultural Pals up there and they're totes trying to show how awesomely diverse they are, but still. We're good enough for the commercial but not good enough for your con? Fuck you, Otakon. Fuck you hard.

It also seriously worries me that one of the panel staff got in contact with Arthur and said, "Can you give me numbers where you guys can be reached at con?" I'm only going down to con on Friday, and I fear I'll get a call on Saturday going "OMG SURPRISE-PANEL!BUTTSECKS! WE HAD A PANEL DROP OUT, CAN U GAIZ FILL IN ON AN HOUR'S NOTICE LOL?" Arrrrrg DO NOT WANT.
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Otakon has put Succeed or Die Writing III: You Just Got Fic-Rolled! on "Standby" status--we don't get a slot unless somebody else drops out. Apparently, despite Arthur, Justin, and myself running successful fanfic panels for the past two years, we're insufficiently weeaboo for them.

No, I shit you not on that last part. Panels are being judged for approval on how well they meet with standards of "The Culture" this year--no supaa kawaii sparkly weeaboo funtiems, no panel. They're rejecting people who've been running panels since '02 over this shit.
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I haven't done a four-hour autograph line camping trip at Otakon since Yasuhiro Nightow in 2003, but for Kappei Yamaguchi I will show up the goddamn night before with a sleeping bag and my Usopp plushie.

In infinitely less exciting news, Arthur, Justin, and I did apply to do our fanfic panel at Otakon yet again. Here's hoping we get approved--the only thing better than Kappei Yamaguchi is Kappei Yamaguchi for free.


Jul. 6th, 2007 09:32 pm
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After weeks of silence, the panel planners finally speak two weeks before Otakon:

"Your panel, Succeed or Die Writing II: This Is Fanfiction has been scheduled on Friday, July 20 from 11:30PM-12:30AM in Panel 1 (Room337-338)."


So, Friday night, 11:30-12:30 in Panel 1, kids. BE THAR. THERE WILL BE PR0N.


Jun. 27th, 2007 12:48 pm
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As some of you may already know, the GAFF forums (fora?) are back up. There goes my writing rate.

Speaking of writing, I am working on the request drabbles and some Metal!verse as well. I'm just losing my damn mind over this move (TWO WEEKS OMG *hyperventilates*) and Otakon right after it. Speaking of which, yes, we got approved for the panel, though fuck all if I know when it's supposed to be. It's 18+, so late at night, I guess. It's called "Succeed or Die Writing II: This is Fanfiction!" It was supposed to be "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA FANFICTIOOOOON!" but they totally killed our crappy joke. ;_; As a note, if you're planning on attending, plz to bring your fanfic with. We need stuff to read. Especially if we get to make porn sound effects.

Hahaha, going to the gym is totally a wash until after we move. I can feel myself getting more pathetic and WEAK LIKE A LITTLE GIRLY MAN as we speak.

Tiffy has a new job. She gets to watch YouTube at work. *_*

[livejournal.com profile] luco_millian, when am I picking you up from the airport on the 19th?

Hot Goodwill-on-possessions action tonight after I pay the gas bill and buy some boxes. Oy vey.
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Well, it looks like I'm going to Otakon this year after all, since one of my fellow panelists from last year contacted me and said he'd like to run a fanfic panel again.

On that note, since last time was such a flaming wreck timewise, I think we ought to be a little more focused on one or two particular aspects of fanfiction. Anybody have any ideas? I was toying with discussing AUs, since they tend to be either very very good or very very bad and they're so easy to mishandle, but I don't think I've got the experience to be talking about them as more than a reader, since Metal!Verse is the first sizeable AU I've worked on. OTL.
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My Otakon, as told in LJ usericons:





Cosplay was fun, if ghettofabulous (my nose is still stained blue, unfortunately), and more people showed for the fanfic panel than I was expecting. A lot more. O_o By some miracle, I didn't freeze up and actually pretended to know how to run one of these things for a little while. SCORE.

And since a couple of people had asked that I upload my panel Powerpoint (mostly because I had to run through the last half of it in ten minutes), here it is. TELL ME if YouSendIt is being a piece of shit yet again, and I'll find somewhere else to put it up. Also, big file (2MB+) . Because I talk too damn much.

I LOVE MY FANDOM. To very tiny pieces. Seriously, One Piece fans rock hard, and it was crazy-awesome getting to meet people who've been naught but usernames and icons before this.

Randomly, I now own the Smoker P.o.P. figure I wasn't expecting to find. I hate to say it, but he's hotter than my Zoro and Sanji ones. Combined. I wish I could find that goddamn camera, though he kind of has to be fondled held to be believed. Usopp and his good buddy Chopper remain elusive.

Aw, shit.

Aug. 3rd, 2006 01:50 am
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For every year I've gone to Otakon, my beloved hentai and yaoi panels have been on Saturday night.

The year I have a panel on Friday night, they move them to Friday night. ;_;

How the hell is our little fanfic panel supposed to compete with Hentai-a-Go-Go, The Yaoi Panel and You!, and the Alternative Hentai panel? And I can't even go to the History of Yaoi panel because I have to set up for mine. WOE! WOE AND MISERY!
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Square Enix Talks of In-Game Advertising and Patches.

WHAT. THE. FUCK. How do you come up with this sort of thing? Do you go, "Hey, I think I'll take everything people hate about PC gaming and put it on console too! We'll put out shitty, buggy games, make people buy them in installments, and paste ads all over everything! They'll love it! BRILLIANT!" *headdesk*

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] alucardblue for finding that.

In other news, the fanfiction panel presentation is starting to give me flashbacks to the time in college that I was supposed to give a ten minute speech and went on for forty-five. I'm going to have to cut some of this to give us enough time for Q&A. What's sad is that I've devoted about ten hours into this presentation and I'm only halfway done. I haven't even started on the yuri portion. I NEED MOR PIKSHURS. More specifically, I need a Smoker/Zeff drawing (which I technically have) and permission to display it publically (which I don't). I had to haul out part of the Gravitation Megamix doujinshi for the yaoi portion. Ug, I hate that doujin and its asscam and its ever-spooging Shuichi, but it's useful as a bad example.

In related news, after unofficial legal consultation and some debate, we're writing our own badfic for this panel in order to keep our asses covered. The mainpage "State of the Fandom" screencaps are still going up, though. So far, Inu Yasha is fairing considerably better than One Piece, with only four out of seven visible fics being atrocities unto the fandom.

A quandry.

Jul. 6th, 2006 01:05 am
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A fandom ethics question...

So, for our Otakon fanfiction panel, we're going to be spending some serious time on badfic. As a result, I'm wading through the Pit of Voles and taking screencaps and quotes as I go along for our Powerpoint presentation. I'm finding quite a lot to work with (to give you a hint, my labels for the screencap of page one of the One Piece section were "Self-insert, self-insert, self-insert, OOC AU, randomfic, Mary Sue, Mary Sue" and there were only seven fics visible on the page). But, screencaps being screencaps, they have the author names quite clearly displayed.

Do I:
1. blur them out, saving the authors public embarrassment?
2. leave them up, so no one can accuse me of stealing (*eyeroll*) without giving credit?
3. blur them out on screencaps, attach them to direct quotes?


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