Life crap.

Oct. 4th, 2008 01:39 pm
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Johari window personality thingee: Sadly, there is not an option to pick insane.

ETA: LAWL, NEVAR MIND. Here's the bitchy version. Too bad there's no "select all" option, eh?

VP Debate: Watched in on with Tiff. I kind of wanted Joe Biden to use his Foreign Policy Eye Beams to vaporize Palin after she started talking to him like he was eight years old and had just put a baseball through her window. Other than that, I did most of my yelling and flailing IRL, so I'll save you guys from that.

Music: As people following me on Twitter know, my beloved Zen mp3 player, Mihawk, went missing last week. I've got no idea exactly when, where, or how, but he vanished from my purse sometime between Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. ;_; I gave up on finding him and bought a new mp3 player Wednesday night. In accordance with my irrational hatred of iPods (or maybe not so irrational, as [ profile] jacks_shadow recently became the third person I know who's had their iPod do a catastrophic dump and delete everything for no goddamn reason), I elected to pick up a Zune. I would have liked to stick with Creative, but it's impossible to find accessories or support for Zens nowadays. I am now the proud owner of a blue 8GB Zune named Getter 2.

Fandom: [ profile] proletariat_x has been exposing me to an assortment of giant robot shows, as giant robots are relevant to both of our interests. In finally watching something non-pirate-related for the first time in years, I've discovered that One Piece in general and Luffy in particular have conditioned me to prefer shows with violent, intellectually-impaired leads. "So we just have to beat them up, right?" = solution to all life's problems, thank you Luffy.


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