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The management would like to wish very happy birthdays to [ profile] proletariat_x and [ profile] luco_millian.

@ [ profile] proletariat_x: The management promises that she will do nothing to you this day that will get her killed with a butter knife.

@ [ profile] luco_millian: The management requests that you continue to stay classy and awesome.
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Accomplishments for the week:
~Raise get.
~Haircut get.
~Survived first week of my boss' vacation.
~Finally got my newest BJD hair and a shirt, yeay.
~Watched Six-String Samurai, was suitably weirded out.
~Read OP Ch. 507, was suitably delighted. (Rayleigh: "Hi, I'm Exposition Man. Would you like some exposition?")
~Fell in love with a new band (Code 64: Come for the Metroid samples, stay for the trippy sci-fi lyrics and retro-synth sound).
~Bought pass and plane tickets for Dragon-Con, thanks to the immense kindness of [ profile] proletariat_x and [ profile] mettathron.
~Gave up on getting comp admission to Otakon, admitted that I'll have to buy a Saturday door pass.
~Discovered that, through the magic of teamwork and excessive buffing, it's possible for my Wednesday gaming group to boost our strongest fighter up to a +42 attack bonus.
~Discovered that, through the magic of bullshittery, it's possible for my Sunday gaming group to successfully outwit a blood demon by dressing one of our party up as the Pope.


Jun. 7th, 2008 07:30 pm
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There is no face quite like the face of a man who has just been introduced to the concept of "m-preg" for the first time.


May. 26th, 2008 03:52 pm
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Best. Weekend. Ever.

And this may be the most epic remix of "Leaving Earth" in the history of music thanks to the Mario and Megaman sound effects.


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