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...after a few horrific days of stressing massively over the financing for it, that is. I am now the proud owner of a gunmetal grey 2006 Scion xA. He needs a name. D: Any suggestions? As far as I go, I'm mostly healed, though the insurance paperwork may kill me. @_@

And now, a meme I stole from Kaja!

█ Stop what you're doing.
█ Print screen your current desktop.
█ If you have Photoshop open, print screen.
█ If you have a music player open, print screen.
█ Pick a folder, open it, print screen.

For the peeping toms in the audience. )
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You make people wait a full year for your "new, redesigned, improved" dolls and you give them this? WTF, DollShe, WTF. The same guy who designed my Hound turned out this X-Files reject. I AM DEEPLY SHAMED. I also feel the need to hold Lassa and reassure myself that at least he hasn't been abducted by aliens.

In other news, I was in a serious car accident Thursday night. My beloved Hanako is no more, and I'm....dented. And on Percoset. Whee! Nothing permanently broken though, and the nice people at the hospital said I should be fine. Trying to figure out what car to get--I loved my Honda Fit, but can't stand the '09 Fits and used Fits are nigh-impossible to find. D: Currently leaning towards a Scion xD, since it's got most of the things I loved about my car and even if I go and get new one, it's a couple grand cheaper than the '09 Fit.
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...Happy New Year, folks. Here's hoping 2009 has at least a minimal quantity of win.
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As I've been squeaking about on Twitter, I got a new computer Friday. As much as I loved my old laptop, it had gotten to the point where it was having a hard time handling the interwebs due to all the goddamn Flash. The new one's a desktop, and it's pretty sweet (going from a Celeron processor and 512K of memory to a triple-core processor with 4GB of memory was roughly equivalent to going from a paper airplane to an F-14). Transferring files from Mokona (my laptop) to Enkidu (my desktop) was a pain, though, mostly because Enkidu decided that Mokona didn't exist about halfway through the transfer. I blame Vista--it probably realized I was doing something useful and network-related that it could conceivably use to "encourage" me to buy Vista Pro. But two days and a 4GB thumb drive later, I finally have all my music, all my pictures, all my manga, all my doujinshi, and all my fanfic and just managed to beat Firefox into transferring my bookmarks and preferences. :D

I am, however, missing all my OP manga past Ch. 520, though, because OPHQ seems to have let their domain registration lapse and I usually get my OP scans from them. Hook a sister up with some downloads? I know I can read them online at, but I do like actually having the files.

Also, just finished watching Gurren Lagaan. I must admit I wibbled during Episode 26 and had to bite my lip to keep from crying.
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Wow, Dell, that's a really good online deal on a new computer. Pity I read the fine print and realized it ends at 4:59am ET on the day I get paid. If you're trying to induce people to buy your shit so you wind up in the black after Christmas, making asterisk-studded offers that end at ridiculous times isn't the way to do it. I'm just going to hold onto my cash for a few more weeks, at which point you'll be selling desktops for $200 out of desperation anyway. :D
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There's an anti-Prop 8 protest in Baltimore on Saturday the 15th at 1:30pm in front of the City Hall. Any other Marylanders going?

Also: I am miffed that I cannot add the Unseen University to my schools list merely because it's not located on planet Earth. If I'm stuck with that vast gaping expanse of empty whiteness in the fugariffic new profile, I'd like to at least attempt to break it up with some pointless info.

Also also: LittleBigPlanet? Rocks. I've rarely had so much fun with a game, and I got to yet again admire the impressive bullshittery that is [ profile] gamer_of_chaos operating two controllers at the same time to get a pair of sackboys into position for a four-player-only portion of the game when we only had three people available.

Also also also: Gaia's MMO is just good enough to be addictive while being just glitchy and crappy enough to be horrifically frustrating. I remain impressed that the design team thought that a memory leak that could cause the game to consume over a gig of memory all by itself was a "minor issue." They also really, really shouldn't have released the math they use to calculate drops with multiple people attacking the same enemies. They were trying to get people to stop screaming about kill-stealing and wound up getting people screaming about messing with their drop percentages instead. In the *eyeroll* category, two weeks after initial release and the people who got first crack at it are already being nasty to the newbies and coming up with creative ways to use game items for unofficial PvP. >_>

Also also also also: I meant to celebrate Zoro's birthday by getting caught up on the OP manga yesterday, but I failed at it. ;_; Sorry, Zoro.
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Twenty-five. Holy shit.
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I remain alive. Barely. I went to go see Kamelot playing with Edguy last night, and the show was way the hell down in Virginia. Then it started late, which was cool because I got there late (thank you Woodrow Wilson Bridge), but that also meant it ended late. Like at 1:30 in the morning. I got home at 3am, showered, hit bed at 4am, got up to go to work at 7am. SLEEP FAIL.

Slightly belated One Piece WIN. Spoilers through Ch. 517. )

OH MAN. I turn TWENTY-FIVE in two weeks. That's a quarter of a century. That's me leaving the 18-24 age demographic. That' car insurance rates going down. Well, maybe it's not all bad.


Oct. 9th, 2008 10:16 pm
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Apparently, someone threw out the entire contents of our apartment's downstairs storage area without asking us. Doing this required cutting off a lock. I had some important documentation stored down there, along with quite a bit of sentimental stuff and a few books.

I. Am. Pissed.

Life crap.

Oct. 4th, 2008 01:39 pm
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Johari window personality thingee: Sadly, there is not an option to pick insane.

ETA: LAWL, NEVAR MIND. Here's the bitchy version. Too bad there's no "select all" option, eh?

VP Debate: Watched in on with Tiff. I kind of wanted Joe Biden to use his Foreign Policy Eye Beams to vaporize Palin after she started talking to him like he was eight years old and had just put a baseball through her window. Other than that, I did most of my yelling and flailing IRL, so I'll save you guys from that.

Music: As people following me on Twitter know, my beloved Zen mp3 player, Mihawk, went missing last week. I've got no idea exactly when, where, or how, but he vanished from my purse sometime between Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. ;_; I gave up on finding him and bought a new mp3 player Wednesday night. In accordance with my irrational hatred of iPods (or maybe not so irrational, as [ profile] jacks_shadow recently became the third person I know who's had their iPod do a catastrophic dump and delete everything for no goddamn reason), I elected to pick up a Zune. I would have liked to stick with Creative, but it's impossible to find accessories or support for Zens nowadays. I am now the proud owner of a blue 8GB Zune named Getter 2.

Fandom: [ profile] proletariat_x has been exposing me to an assortment of giant robot shows, as giant robots are relevant to both of our interests. In finally watching something non-pirate-related for the first time in years, I've discovered that One Piece in general and Luffy in particular have conditioned me to prefer shows with violent, intellectually-impaired leads. "So we just have to beat them up, right?" = solution to all life's problems, thank you Luffy.
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We're supposed to get a visitor named Hannah up this way on Saturday, so if I go poof that's why. Remembering how much damage Tropical Storm Isabel did to this area, I think I'm going to be paranoid and get us some bottled water, batteries, and food that doesn't need fridging or cooking tonight. It probably won't whack us too bad, but better safe than sorry.

On the upside, I discovered NOAA's full list of Atlantic and Pacific hurricane names is the most awesome random name resource ever, considering it's got common names from about twenty countries on it. On the downside, if this interferes with the game we've got scheduled Saturday I will be PISSED.
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I'm officially on vacation THANK GOD. I've had a rough few days at work and the thought of not having to be back there for seven days is wonderful. My headache is FINALLY gone and I woke up without feeling like I was going to puke for the first time in a week. O_o;

I fly out on Thursday night for four days of PURE AWESOME at Dragon*Con. I will NOT be taking my laptop with me. If you need to get a hold of me, I am eternally AIMable thanks to my phone. If you just want to know what I'm up to, follow my Twitter. :B

In doll news, I got to see a Soom Sard in person last night. HOLY HELL. Big stompy hooves and a two-foot wingspan. He's about the same size, height-wise, as my Hound Lassa.

In OP news, ZOROOOOOO. ;_; Gah. I hope OPHQ comes out with 512 before I leave because the suspense is mindboggling. I don't want to speculate about Rayleigh or Sentoumaru or Borsalino or anything until I read it. I will say that I'm disappointed that the Light Logia fruit is actually useful and controllable, since I totally wanted to feed it to Mary Sues and have them end up a few million miles out in space the first time they took full Logia form.
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The management would like to wish very happy birthdays to [ profile] proletariat_x and [ profile] luco_millian.

@ [ profile] proletariat_x: The management promises that she will do nothing to you this day that will get her killed with a butter knife.

@ [ profile] luco_millian: The management requests that you continue to stay classy and awesome.
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To give the above statement some context, we got new next door neighbors who coincidentally are friends of ours. There were supposed to move into an apartment in the next building over, but in a strange, almost anime-like twist of fate, the people who were supposed to be moving out of that apartment decided not to, and the next available vacant apartment was the one right next to ours. They kept it a surprise solely so they could scare the crap out of us by showing up on our balcony and doing a little dance. XD We're seriously getting an odd Maison Ikkoku thing going on here.

We helped them move some stuff, so I finally answered a burning question I've had since I bought my car: Will a loveseat fit in a Fit? The answer, as Honda will cheerfully tell you, is "Fit is GO!" God help me, I fangirl my car.

A week and a half to Dragon*Con. I'M SO STOKED. Anybody from ye olde flist going to be there?

Con tiems.

Aug. 5th, 2008 09:05 am
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Having had my little fit of foot-stompy BAWWWWWW CRY MOAR, I feel better. Now on to actual con business.

~[ profile] brian_kun: YOUR PRESENT. I HAS IT. I need to give it to you sometime Friday; is there a particular panel or place you wanted me to meet you and [ profile] dethorats?

~[ profile] proletariat_x: Kappei Yamaguchi is having an autograph session on Friday. Was there anything you wanted me to take for him to sign? If so, bring it to gaming on Wednesday. :D

~[ profile] mel_the_second: The Gaia Online panel is on Friday. Let's go together and be the only sane ones in the room y/y?

~Dealer's Room: Anybody I know IRL want anything?

~Room parties: Any good ones Friday night? >D
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Accomplishments for the week:
~Raise get.
~Haircut get.
~Survived first week of my boss' vacation.
~Finally got my newest BJD hair and a shirt, yeay.
~Watched Six-String Samurai, was suitably weirded out.
~Read OP Ch. 507, was suitably delighted. (Rayleigh: "Hi, I'm Exposition Man. Would you like some exposition?")
~Fell in love with a new band (Code 64: Come for the Metroid samples, stay for the trippy sci-fi lyrics and retro-synth sound).
~Bought pass and plane tickets for Dragon-Con, thanks to the immense kindness of [ profile] proletariat_x and [ profile] mettathron.
~Gave up on getting comp admission to Otakon, admitted that I'll have to buy a Saturday door pass.
~Discovered that, through the magic of teamwork and excessive buffing, it's possible for my Wednesday gaming group to boost our strongest fighter up to a +42 attack bonus.
~Discovered that, through the magic of bullshittery, it's possible for my Sunday gaming group to successfully outwit a blood demon by dressing one of our party up as the Pope.


Jun. 19th, 2008 09:09 am
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[ profile] plotbunny_tiff is a quarter of century old today! Wow, kids, that's OLD! People should send her porn, to keep her old lady heart a-pumpin' nice and strong. :D
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Hey guys. Srs bsns for a few seconds here.

I hate doing this, because I've seen fandom burned by "charities" before and begz0ring is kind of lame anyway, but I've got a favor to ask of you all.

My good buddy [ profile] blodhemn, as some of you may recall, spent three weeks of quality time in the hospital last month. He's been diagnosed with, to quote his oncologist, "an exceptionally aggressive form of Hodgkin's lymphoma." The good news is that it was caught relatively early and he's responding remarkably well to chemotherapy.

The bad news is that he's uninsured and, thanks to his immune system tanking, narcotics impairing his ability to drive, and nerve damage in his left shoulder from a surgical biopsy, currently out of a job. He's a prudent guy and had a couple grand in savings, but between bills and prescriptions that's pretty much gone. He's applying for temporary disability, but as anyone who's done it knows, that takes time.

His medical bills are way too big for anybody who's not independently wealthy to make a dent in ($30K and counting, last time he opened his mail), but if people have ten bucks to spare so a very sick complete stranger can afford groceries, it'd be appreciated. His PayPal's bio_virus (at) hotmail (dot) com. If you wanted to send him a buck or two or even just a get-well card via snail-mail, poke me and I'll give you his address.

Hell, I'll even do the retarded publicity stunt thing and dye my hair whatever color you guys want if you sling him $100. Shouldn't be hard--ten people donate ten bucks and I'll embarrass myself publically.



Reposted because I continue to abjectly fail at LJ.
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If I've seemed to be slightly absent from internets life over the past week, it's because I have been. My most excellent friend and frequent partner in idiocy crime [ profile] blodhemn was admitted to the hospital last Thursday and I've been spending a lot of time there keeping him company. Totally brutal. D:

If anyone's got some good vibrations or decent metal music to spare, he could use them.


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