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[ profile] mettathron has been sucking me into one of her fandoms as of late, namely JLA. I'm usually a Marvel (and specifically X-Men) fan, but I've had a soft spot for the Flash since I read the novelization of Kingdom Come about a million years ago. That soft spot has since evolved into full-fledged ♥--the JLA version of the Flash reminds me very vaguely of Luffy and Sanji's lovechild on about a metric ton of crack. I did do some research so I wouldn't be a completely tardtacular fangirl, and found out a very small bit about the Speed Force and the speed barrier.

Thinking about them reminds me of one of my favorite little WTF-was-Oda-smoking things in One Piece: Foxy's devil fruit powers. If Foxy's a Logia user, he's a very unusual one, as he can't take a full Logia form. Then again, as Foxy apparently locally alters the speed of light and then sends out pulses of this "slow" light to put his enemies into a time warp, assuming his Logia form (if his Logia form is made of slow light) might be combatively disadvantageous. And his attacks don't slow down the perception of time--Foxy, to his slowed-down enemies, does not appear to be travelling hyper-fast, and his enemies do realize that they have been slowed down--but they do alter the effects of forces over time on an object, as falling objects take longer to reach the ground and thrown objects slow down in flight.

All this makes me wonder what would happen if Foxy shot the Flash with his abilties. Would Wally be unaffected thanks to the bubble of the Speed Force that surrounds him when he runs and keeps other physics-type problems, like friction and air resistance, from messing with him? Would it affect him in a straightfoward manner, causing him to merely be somewhat quick as opposed to really fast? Would being shot with a bubble of slow light allow Wally to accidentally overshoot the speed barrier (i.e. the speed of light) in that area? Would the two forces asplode violently in a gigantic clusterfuck of psuedophysics? Can we just take it for granted that Foxy would miss, because Wally's awesome? Or can we also just take it for granted that Wally values his skin and will never touch that thing Batman told him not to touch and wind up in a different dimension, thus avoiding the whole fight?

I'm thinking too much about this, aren't I? And I could very well be completely off and the whole thing was explained in The Flash #6549-b, page 15. Must watch more JLA do more research when I get home... *_*

I will not write another X-Over-type fic, dammit. Wolverine winding up in OP-verse was bad enough, and I do NOT want to see Wally vs. Luffy over the last chicken wing.


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