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As I've been squeaking about on Twitter, I got a new computer Friday. As much as I loved my old laptop, it had gotten to the point where it was having a hard time handling the interwebs due to all the goddamn Flash. The new one's a desktop, and it's pretty sweet (going from a Celeron processor and 512K of memory to a triple-core processor with 4GB of memory was roughly equivalent to going from a paper airplane to an F-14). Transferring files from Mokona (my laptop) to Enkidu (my desktop) was a pain, though, mostly because Enkidu decided that Mokona didn't exist about halfway through the transfer. I blame Vista--it probably realized I was doing something useful and network-related that it could conceivably use to "encourage" me to buy Vista Pro. But two days and a 4GB thumb drive later, I finally have all my music, all my pictures, all my manga, all my doujinshi, and all my fanfic and just managed to beat Firefox into transferring my bookmarks and preferences. :D

I am, however, missing all my OP manga past Ch. 520, though, because OPHQ seems to have let their domain registration lapse and I usually get my OP scans from them. Hook a sister up with some downloads? I know I can read them online at, but I do like actually having the files.

Also, just finished watching Gurren Lagaan. I must admit I wibbled during Episode 26 and had to bite my lip to keep from crying.


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