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Idle curiosity moment:

For all the tabletop gamers on my flist, what is your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE special ability found in any RPG? Favorite spell, Discipline, Boon, class ability, cantrip, stupidly awesome and badly unbalanced Racial Ability That Should Not Be, etcetera?

Also, if you've horrifically abused same (or seen it being done), please share with the rest of the class. >:3
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Association meme answers for [ profile] genuinelie!

It's the meme that never ends. Srsly. )

In other news, nothing sucks more than biting into your lunch, getting your teeth stuck, and discovering after you pry them loose that your PowerBar of Laziness +1 expired in 2006.
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From [ profile] scribblemoose:

Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Answers, they are below the cut. )
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...Happy New Year, folks. Here's hoping 2009 has at least a minimal quantity of win.
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...and [ profile] proletariat_x in particular:


I think if I sell both of my kidneys, we can afford it.

Tears of blood. BLOOOOOOOOD.
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Day 5:

Yet more roleplaying squee. My normal Wednesday d20 Modern game was last night and it was A++++ awesome as per usual. Best news of the night: We got our skeevy bastard back (for as long as his player's work schedule allows anyway)! Life has been less treacherous and dishonest without John around. Between Oliver and Sarah, we were in serious danger of making progress on the straight and narrow path to Lawful Good, and that would never do. Also, Oliver did an entertaining ballet-lift-glomp thing when he saw John because he was so happy and 18 STR + glee = people high up in the air. And then we beat the world's nerdiest chronomancer and made some progress on our main quest, so it was a productive evening. Unfortunately, we left off on a cliffhanger (well, post-cliffhanger, since we already fell off the cliff) and there's no game next week. ;_;

Also, I got a cookie. >:3
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Tagged by [ profile] genuinelie!

Happiness Meme: For 8 consecutive days, post about something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same!

I tag whoever the hell wants to do it. I'm not going to obligate you guys to do this, though I'd love to hear about your random happy moments.

Day 1: Roleplaying squee! Sorry, non-RPGers.

Finally got to play in the Innocents game that we've been plotting for months. Innocents, as a game, is what happens when White Wolf decides that what the World of Darkness really needs is a game about elementary schoolers meeting Horrible Things. My character (Gertrude, better known as TR) is six years old, tow-headed, adorable, and fearless to the point of it being a character flaw. She runs around with her two older siblings (twins Jamie and Boom-Boom, eleven, usually wind up breaking things) and her older siblings' friends Amanda (eleven, practical, currently reading The Malleus Maleficarum) and Matilda (nine, bookworm, prone to fits of hyperventilation when frightened). We are occasionally joined by an NPC, Katie, who is Amanda's best friend and sometimes gets visions of "cool stuff," i.e. Horrible Things.

Tonight, we encountered a possible witch, a horde of hideous soul-eating cats, and a "vampire." Said "vampire" was [ profile] mettathron's character from another game in the same universe--not actually a vampire, just albino and as such rather crispy when exposed to sunlight. Poor Yue got a faceful of garlic powder and was pelted by garlic cloves by a bunch of kids while all he was trying to do was eat his lunch in peace. It was loltactular, especially considering that [ profile] mettathron was also playing one of the kids flinging garlic at him.

Also, my character got delicious pie and therefore counts the entire night as a success.
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Accomplishments for the week:
~Raise get.
~Haircut get.
~Survived first week of my boss' vacation.
~Finally got my newest BJD hair and a shirt, yeay.
~Watched Six-String Samurai, was suitably weirded out.
~Read OP Ch. 507, was suitably delighted. (Rayleigh: "Hi, I'm Exposition Man. Would you like some exposition?")
~Fell in love with a new band (Code 64: Come for the Metroid samples, stay for the trippy sci-fi lyrics and retro-synth sound).
~Bought pass and plane tickets for Dragon-Con, thanks to the immense kindness of [ profile] proletariat_x and [ profile] mettathron.
~Gave up on getting comp admission to Otakon, admitted that I'll have to buy a Saturday door pass.
~Discovered that, through the magic of teamwork and excessive buffing, it's possible for my Wednesday gaming group to boost our strongest fighter up to a +42 attack bonus.
~Discovered that, through the magic of bullshittery, it's possible for my Sunday gaming group to successfully outwit a blood demon by dressing one of our party up as the Pope.


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