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Who shot JR.

No, actually I'd like to see classified DARPA weapons reports. Also, finding out what the world's super-intelligence agencies and top government officials plan to do in the event of a nuclear holocaust would be pretty sweet. You know the guys with their fingers on the shiny red button have precise, detailed plans for what they're going to do if they ever have to push it. So what is it? Vault-Tec technology? Secret lead-lined bunkers? Undersea installations? Inquiring minds want to know before they're "detained indefinitely" in secret CIA prisons.

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Nothing beats Endcat. NOTHING.

....well, maybe this.

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I'd love to travel back to the Victorian era, provided I could be wealthy, white, and male. Mostly the male bit, actually--any time travel past about 1920 or so and us girls are boned.

That said, the spirit of the Victorian era, when there were vast expanses of the world left to explore and when it looked like modern science could fix anything if you just gave it a year or two, is something I'd love to experience firsthand. The industrial pollution, exploitation and destruction of native populations, and brutal oppression of the poor, not so much, but man, science was Science with a capital S back then. What I wouldn't give to meet Nikola Tesla, even if he was batshit insane! And the science fiction back then was incredible--Jules Verne was still writing, Poe tried his hand at science fiction a time or two, and magazine serials abounded. ♥
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There are some who say that pessimism IS realism. These people are generally pessimists, so I guess I'm a pessimist. I gave optimism a shot in college and discovered that no, thinking happy thoughts does not protect you from the world fucking you over. Might as well be a pessimist--at least then I'm expecting it when bad things inevitably happen.

On a related topic: God, I hate February. Nothing good ever happens in February. My new car's in the shop already, I'm STILL dealing with insurance paperwork, and Singlehood Awareness Day/Purchase Sex Via Jewelry, Candy, and Flowers Day approaches. DX

ETA: You know what would make today quit sucking? Me going home and spending the rest of the day watching Ryoma hit things REALLY HARD with his robot while shouting angrily. He's oddly cathartic.
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Well, that was easy. Though Lieutenant Commander Data was a distant second.
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I'd be Billy from The Giraffe, the Pelly, and Me. I'd fight crime, have exciting animal friends, and eventually get my own candy store with weird imaginary stuff in it. It'd be epic.
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DARK AND TERRIBLE. Jesus Christ, I don't think I would have survived high school without Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, and I mean that literally. I had a Star Trek novel in my backpack every day, and I met some awesome folks online through Star Trek fandom. Anytime life sucked (and it sucked a lot in high school), Star Trek was my escape.

In addition, tragic and dorktarded as it may be, the roots of my personal philosophy and general view of the universe at large lie in three sources: Spock's World, The Romulan Way, and The Wounded Sky. :B

Also, I am somewhat nervously looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. If it sucks, it'll kill the franchise. If it's awesome, it'll resurrect it. C'mon, movie, please don't suck. ._.


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