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Day 8:

Epic party! We threw a party for [ profile] gamer_of_chaos' birthday and, because he is a hueg gamer, there were no fewer than four gaming systems hooked up and running the entire time. I got to play the Versus mode on Left 4 Dead and HOLY FUCK is it ever fun to be a zombeh and rip chunks off of your friends. Also, there were delicious foods and cheesecake and most of my favorite people in the world. :D Awesome Saturday was awesome.

And thus concludes the happiness meme. In future happiness, ELEVEN-DAY VACATION FUCK YEAH.
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Day 4:

I finally got to play Left 4 Dead. Zombies asplodo EVERYWHERE! :DDD

Also, I found out I'm being furloughed, but that the plan they worked out means the pay hit won't be as bad as I feared.

Today calls for a Getter 1 icon. :B
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Mostly prepared. I do evaluate my clothing and accessories based on "zombie apocalypse" appropriateness, and I have an outfit picked out for durability, non-snagging, and my ability to run in it. My glasses are NOT currently zombie-ready--they have an anti-glare coating (that's good!) that requires that they be washed with soap, water, and a pristine lint-free paper towel to actually be clean (that's bad!). I have a survival kit for my cat, and I need to build a survival kit for me (top priorities: a first-aid kit and two five-gallon gas cans).

Main problem, zombiewise? I do not own nor do I know how to fire a shotgun, and I have yet to acquire a mighty pole-saw. I may be better off decapitating them with a fixed blade of some kind or (most likely) staying out of immediate zombie proximity in the first place.

I use my friend [ profile] gamer_of_chaos as a measuring stick of my zombie preparedness--he has a full survival kit and at least two weapons on him at all times. His van is an anti-zombie fortress. When the zombie apocalypse (or any apocalypse) comes, I totally want to be travelling with him.


Nov. 8th, 2006 07:02 pm
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When the zombie apocalypse comes...

...I'm so totally going to Home Depot. )


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