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There's an anti-Prop 8 protest in Baltimore on Saturday the 15th at 1:30pm in front of the City Hall. Any other Marylanders going?

Also: I am miffed that I cannot add the Unseen University to my schools list merely because it's not located on planet Earth. If I'm stuck with that vast gaping expanse of empty whiteness in the fugariffic new profile, I'd like to at least attempt to break it up with some pointless info.

Also also: LittleBigPlanet? Rocks. I've rarely had so much fun with a game, and I got to yet again admire the impressive bullshittery that is [ profile] gamer_of_chaos operating two controllers at the same time to get a pair of sackboys into position for a four-player-only portion of the game when we only had three people available.

Also also also: Gaia's MMO is just good enough to be addictive while being just glitchy and crappy enough to be horrifically frustrating. I remain impressed that the design team thought that a memory leak that could cause the game to consume over a gig of memory all by itself was a "minor issue." They also really, really shouldn't have released the math they use to calculate drops with multiple people attacking the same enemies. They were trying to get people to stop screaming about kill-stealing and wound up getting people screaming about messing with their drop percentages instead. In the *eyeroll* category, two weeks after initial release and the people who got first crack at it are already being nasty to the newbies and coming up with creative ways to use game items for unofficial PvP. >_>

Also also also also: I meant to celebrate Zoro's birthday by getting caught up on the OP manga yesterday, but I failed at it. ;_; Sorry, Zoro.


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