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Hey kids. I know you may not give a shit, but LJ is in the middle of the nomination process for their User Advisory Board. The theoretical purpose of said Advisory Board is to keep bullshit like Strikethrough and Boldthrough from happening again. I know Ye Olde Flist is here largely for the lulz and the fiction, but I encourage you to get involved with the nomination process because hey, this is your LJ too.

[ profile] ljunited is a possibility (I currently support the two candidates they're supporting, namely [ profile] rm and [ profile] squeaky19), or you may choose to read the individual candidates' platform posts (or lack thereof--for the love of the deity of your choosing, don't vote to nominate anybody who doesn't have a coherent platform just because they amused you or they seem kind of like a cool person. Your vote's worth more than that) on [ profile] lj_election_en and make your own decision as to who to support. Heck, you might even decide to run yourself. ♥

I don't care who you vote for. You might vote for a person proposing free cheese for every paid user because you just love cheese that much. Just vote.


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